National Parks

Here are some of national parks I have been to. I plan on adding to this in near future as a visit more parks


These were taken in 2018. Pretty awesome national park! This park was a lot of fun and a lot of short trails.


In all honestly was quite a boring national park. The waterfalls were worth seeing, but everything else was pretty generic. The highway can be easily seen from somes trails and this park did not feel remote.

Indiana sand dunes

Again a mediocre national park. I would honestly skip this park unless you want to just see a regular beach.


Amazing national park. One of my favorites. Highly recommend Sage Creek Campground. This park was the most unique thing I have ever seen and the contrast between the plains and the badlands is insane.


spectacular national park. I wish I spent more time there. I will be back soon. This park has everything. Hiking, cool natural features, and plently of animals. Go early as the park gets busy really quickly.

Grand Teton

Another amazing national park. Really good hiking. I recommend delta lake hike. It was tough but worth it.


Pretty great. Had low expectations, but it ended up being amazing. This park was very bare bones, but the views were spectacular


Was not there for a long time, but was pretty cool. I am in the middle in the third picture. The whole park can easily be seen in a day.